Business English

Business English

About the Course

This course is designed for students, employees and employers who need to communicate effectively in English in their respective work. Our courses are tailored to your specific needs and develop the skills you need in your business and office contexts. This further corresponds effectively in business communication through emails, letters, reports and job interview techniques. This course is taught by a Professional Lecturer specialized in teaching business English and working with technical and professional individuals.


This course is tailor made to improve the English language skills of individuals working in local and international companies. The course focuses on developing everyday English Speaking, Email and CV writing, Phone Conversations and Presentation Skills.

– Report Writing

– Business Planning and Discussion

– Public Speaking a Presentation Skills

– Business Letter Format (Email and etc…)

– General Knowledge

– Discussing Topics Relating to Work

Who this course for?

Business Professionals whose first language is NOT English, but they need to use English frequently at work

Students who want to improve their English Conversations Skills for better job opportunities

Professionals who work in the Myanmar and want to improve their English Conversation abilities to succeed in their job


Basic English Proficiency


12 weeks