Professional Company Secretarial Services

Professional Company Secretarial Services

In alignment with the Myanmar Companies Law, our comprehensive suite of Company Secretarial Services ensures that your corporate governance practices are impeccably maintained and fully compliant with statutory requirements.


Essential Company Secretarial Functions

  1. Appointment Requirements: Each company is mandated to appoint a company secretary responsible for official correspondence, financial accounts, audit coordination, and compliance with other statutory requirements.
  2. Qualifications: The company secretary must be a Myanmar resident, possessing either a recognized qualification in accounting or law.
  3. Eligibility: In instances where the shareholder and director roles are held by separate individuals, either may assume the role of company secretary.
  4. Third-Party Appointments: Should a single individual occupy both shareholder and director positions, or if a corporate entity fulfills both roles, a third party must be designated as company secretary.
  5. Director Exclusions: A sole director cannot simultaneously serve as the company secretary.
  6. Legal Appointment: The company secretary, distinct from personal assistants to directors or executive officers, must be legally appointed as a separate entity within the organizational structure.


Comprehensive Secretarial Responsibilities

Our duties extend to:

  1. Record Keeping: Upholding meticulous records, including the Register of Shareholders and Directors.
  2. Corporate Meetings: Coordinating, convening, and documenting proceedings of shareholder and director meetings.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: Preparing and filing annual returns with the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA).
  4. Administrative Amendments: Handling changes in directorship and company secretarial positions.
  5. Equity Management: Overseeing share transfers and dividend disbursements.
  6. Corporate Identity: Facilitating changes to the company name and registration details.
  7. Legal Conformity: Guaranteeing that all business activities are conducted in strict adherence to relevant legislation.

We provide not just services but assurance that your company’s administrative and legal affairs are in expert hands.