Comprehensive Company Incorporation Services

Comprehensive Company Incorporation Services

Efficiently navigate the incorporation process with our streamlined services, designed to complete the registration within an approximate three-day period, contingent on the timeframes of the registration office.


Our Incorporation Process Includes:

  1. Name Selection: You will select the desired company name(s) for your new enterprise, which we will submit for approval to ensure compliance with registration standards.
  2. Name Approval: Our team will conduct a thorough review to verify the chosen name’s eligibility for registration.
  3. Documentation Review: Upon name approval, we will meticulously examine your application and accompanying documents to prepare for registration.
  4. Verification of Details: You are required to review and confirm the details within the online application. Necessary documents including copies of National Registration Cards (NRCs), passports of the shareholders, directors, and company secretary, as well as supporting address details, will be coordinated through email at (
  5. Document Signing: Official documents will be prepared for your signature, which can be executed at our office or facilitated via email for remote signing.
  6. Certificate Issuance: Upon successful registration, we will promptly notify you and furnish the incorporation certificate, which can be collected at our office or dispatched to your preferred address.


Begin Your Corporate Journey with Confidence

We are dedicated to ensuring that your business foundation is established with precision and legal exactitude. Our experienced team is ready to guide you through each step of the incorporation process, ensuring a smooth transition from an aspiring entity to a recognized corporation.