Performance Management

Performance Management

The objectives of profit making organizations are to maximise profit in a short-term and shareholders ‘ wealth in a long-term processes. One of the main resources that support to meet these objectives of the organization is workforce . A talented and skilled workforce is the life-blood of-every organisation.

Performance management is a way of trying to direct and support the performance of employees and departments within an organization so that they work efficiently and effectively as possible to achieve the business objectives .

Once an organization has established its objectives, it needs to identify the key factors and processes that will enable to achieve those objectives .These key factors are the Critical Success Factors (CSFs). CSFs are those aspects of a product or service particularly valued by customers and therefore the business must do well in these areas to outperform its competitors.

Once an organization has identified its CSFs, it also needs to know whether they are performed well or

not. This is done by using Key Performance Indicators (KPis). KPis are the performance measures which indicate whether or not the CSFs are being achieved.


The organisations that Excellent Choice Professional Company Limited provided Performance Management Service are mentioned in client lists as separate pages.