External Reporting Systems

External Reporting Systems

External Reporting System

Nowadays, the reports of the organis ation are vital to wide range of users in making decisions about business based on reports.

Reports must be prepared based on internationa l/national standard prescr ibed by IASB and local national accountancy body to be global harmonisation . As a consequence, all public listed companies must prepare their reports in line with IFRSs /lASs.

Compliance with IFRSs

Failure to compliance with IFRSs/ IASs will lead to lack of stakeholders’ confidence. Where it is the case, the following advantages can be obtained : Easy to access to Stock Exchange Listing as well as reliability of financial institutions or banks in making finance for potentially successful project.

If you have the burning desire to set up sound external reporting systems in running your business, you are welcomed to join our firm. We,the Excellent Choice Professional can help your difficulties in external reporting system efficient and effective .


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