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Excellent Choice Professional, Financial Consultants & Auditors

Founded in 2003, Excellent Choice has become a premier financial consultancy and auditing firm in Myanmar, distinguished for our commitment to ethical practices and social responsibility. Our brand is synonymous with robust financial expertise, intellectual rigor, and a pioneering spirit in innovation.

At Excellent Choice, we are steadfast in our pursuit of intellectual prowess, marrying it with cutting-edge innovation to foster growth and profitable ventures. Our dynamic expansion is a testament to our ability to adapt and lead in an ever-evolving marketplace.



Our esteemed founder, U Aung Naing Maung Maung, is an acclaimed academic and professional, holding a diverse portfolio of degrees and certifications, including B. Com (Q), CPA, DMA, ACCA, ACMA, CGMA, and ACPA. He serves as an Executive Lecturer for the CPA auditing course under the auspices of the Myanmar Accountancy Council and presides as the Executive Chairman of the Excellent Choice Institute of Finance and Management. In addition, he fulfills the role of Managing Partner at Excellent Choice.

His significant contributions to the field include active participation in the Myanmar Institutes of Certified Accountants since 2008, where he served on the Executive Committee. His tenure saw him appointed as Secretary of MICPA and Joint Secretary of the Myanmar Accountancy Council in 2013. His notable efforts in setting accounting and auditing standards, legislating for the Myanmar Accountancy Council, and conducting crucial workshops, seminars, and meetings are a hallmark of his dedication. Collaborating with members, international organizations like the World Bank and IMF, and international professional bodies, he has been instrumental in steering professional development and advocating for policies that safeguard and enhance the interests of members.

Currently, U Aung Naing Maung Maung holds the position of Non-Executive Director at Ayeyarwady Bank (AYA Bank) and Asia Royal Hospital, bringing his wealth of experience to these prestigious institutions.





Elevate Your Business Presence in the Heart of Myanmar’s Economic Hub

Situated in Yangon, the vibrant economic core of Myanmar, our esteemed location places you at the epicenter of commerce.

Renowned for its bustling banking, accounting, and legal sectors, Yangon boasts a network of esteemed corporate entities.




Registered Practicing Audit Firm

Group of Certified Public Accountants (CPA-Myanmar) and

Members of Association of Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA-UK)


Nestled at 20/22 (C), Ma Kyee Kyee Street in the bustling Sanchaung Township,

our premises are conveniently located just a ten-minute journey from both the Novotel Yangon Max Hotel and the iconic Shwedagon Pagoda.



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